Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just where is Audrey?

Well technically Audrey is enjoying some roasted Brussel Sprouts in the kitchen. Thanks for the sea salt Shell!
Grand Island is a for real island located in the Niagara River. The Niagara River splits around Grand Island and combines back into one at the other end. Below is the South Grand Island Bridges. The South Bridges go to Downtown Buffalo, where Hef's dad works. We of course also have North Bridges but they don't have the neat blue tops. The North Bridges go to Niagara Falls NY.
One of my favorite things about Grand Island is the Beaver Island Park & Beach, which is dog friendly! Shadow the Dog has walked the sand and splashed in the Niagara River. Shadow and I are lucky enough to live close enough to walk to the beach in the summer time, lovely. There is another special cool place to visit on Grand Island but I haven't been able to procure a picture yet so I can't tell you about that yet. Of course Audrey is quick to discover that the most hoppening place on the island is of course The Bunny Lounge!


Lorna said...

Oooo.. I've been there!

My friends Tish and Mike currently live in Kenmore and Mike grew up on Grand Island and took my brother and I on a tour when we were out there.

My Everquest guild had two gatherings at Tish's house.. and I will agree, summers in Buffalo are BEAUTIFUL!

You'll have to treat Audrey to some of that silky smooth flavoured shaved ice..

bunnygirl said...

I've never been to that area, so I'm looking forward to Audrey's thoughts on it.

I'm no fan of Brussels sprouts, but they do look like the sort of thing a bunny would like.

Lorna said...

Tish says `I took you for Lemon Ice at Andersons.`

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Take more pictures in the summer. Too darn cold! Burrrrrr!!!
Glad you liked the sea salt. I think it makes veggies extra yummy!