Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hef's getting desperate as Spring comes

"Are you a doe lamp or a buck lamp?" Hef says. "Because you really glow," Oh goodness! So Hef's dad as been heard talking does again, however he wants a flemish giant. I just don't know about that. Hef is a Netherland Dwarf weighing around 3lbs, with his carrots. Is it really safe to put Hef with a 20lb+ doe? Also how do you keep a rabbit that big in a cage? I don't think you can. So my first step is to figure out if its safe for Hef and to set him up with a cage expansion like Boogey, Gus, and Betsy have. I can't wait to hear the great advice everybun has.


Lorna said...

I would take Hef on some dates to the local HRS or shelter and see what *he* likes. :)

Tamsin said...

I've heard of a few people with nethies and giants. You do have to be careful with the bonding though. With Hef being the male that's probably the best way around.

Maybe go for large rather than giant, somebun dwarf/french lop size is going to look like a giant next to a Nethie, lol!

You can keep them in cages only the cages have to be sort of the 7' long by 3' wide sort of mark which is more like a small room than a cage.

Lisa said...

I agree with Lorna. If it's a possibility for you, I think bunny speed dating is the best way to go. It doesn't take too long, and putting the wrong two bunnies together can be a DISASTER whether they're the same size or opposites. I haven't been volunteering at the shelter too long, but in the few bondings I've worked on, I've seen a few where the human insisted on bringing home the bun that HE/SHE liked, instead of going with what their bun wanted, and it never worked out. Hef's neutered, right??

If it's love at first sight, then size really doesn't matter.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Spay the Flemish first! Maybe don't plan on bonding them. But yes - a Flemish needs LOTS of room.

And - I'm kinda like the others - if it's bonding you want, try some out before picking. And, not such a BIG one. The Princess is a pretty big bunny and she was well bonded with Benson - a Jersey Woolley, Benson had no clue about how small he was! They were a wonderful, ODD couple!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

I don't know about the whole big mama with little man thing. Hmmm...what if she sat on him! I do know that you don't have to have a cage though. Before Razzy and Sugie had free range in Bunnyville, I used a playpen. They have always used a litter box and a crock of water. It's easy to train rabbits, they pretty much do it on their own! Go to www.rabbitstop.com and look at the playpens.