Friday, March 26, 2010

Into the Garden

So last weekend it was actually nice and we had company and all of us, including Hef, sat out on the back deck taking in the sunshine. Little Heffy got sick of the sunshine and started burrowing into my elbow to hide his face, so cute. I wandered around my garden while Hef had some grasses and was pleasently surprised. In case noone remembers this is my less then a dollar hardy mum arrangement, rescued from underwatering at the store. It has started to come back already. I keep meaning to look up if I should trim off all the old stuff but I forget so if someone knows, please share.
These are green onions, they had started sprouting last year, but then disappeared, I thought they were devoured by the wild buns and moved on but here they are!
This is the biggest green onion which is a bit aways from the rest oddly enough. Behind it is our strawboogie plant. I didn't know they came back, how  fun! Hef's dad wants to get a tiller and give Hef a real garden to play in, hopefully he follows through!


Lisa said...

Aww how nice that you have a garden!! I would be scared to let my buns play outside even though everyone says that they'd love it. I don't have a yard, anyway. Would be nice though...

Tamsin said...

What's the first plant? In general I'm leaving it a little longer to cut off the old dead bits of most things as they shelter insects over winter and give the plant a bit of protection. But after that cut off the old dead stuff so it looks better :)

Your onions look great. I planted some in autumn but I don't think they've come up :(

Rabbits' Guy said...

Hardy mums ... plant them wherever you want, now. Ttrim off the dead/brown - actually you might just be able to break/gently pull the old dead stalks off. Ours come back very full year after year!

Oh man - till away!