Sunday, August 17, 2008

This is all he did all day!

This all Hef's dad did all day! He wanted everyone to know how boring his dad was today! Hef's Dad aka Buhbee, got up at like 11am and was back asleep by 1pm! So it was a boring day around here because Hef's dad didn't get up again until 5pm, but Hef had fun exploring on the couch.
All the humans had a salad with our dinner so i scooped up the leftovers and took them to Hef. I came back 1/2 hour later and we all sat on the porch. Hef is pretty relaxed outside but tonight the neighbors dog was barking and Hef isn't down with that. Hef says carrotinis are 2 for 1 when the dogs are barking, helps take the edge off he says. Can you see Hef's bowtie? I had to get him one, okay its more of a bow then a bowtie but it was the best i could find. I have a cute photo of Hef posing like the playboy bunny. Thats another post though. Hef looks pretty disapproving doesn't he? He was on disapproving rabbits once but thats another story too. Its 8:30 which is Hef's bedtime (unless The Bunny Show, aka The Girls Next Door is on) so more tomorrow.
P.S. We saw an old post where people misunderstood Rabbits Guy about bunny wine and we want to share that there is bunny wine out there, check out we had the merlot and like it, i think it was about 8 dollars. I tried to close it like the package said, squeezing the air out and i got covered in wine so be careful if you try it!

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