Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here is the little Hef the day I brought him home, soooo tiny! I often think of the day I brought him home while Buhbee and I go to open houses. My mother didn't know Hef was coming at all! I had to meet a lady to sell her a dog crate and I went to the wrong place because I was so excited about my bunny! I had only seen pictures of his mom before I went to pick him up. It was so hot that day, really hot for September and my car didn't have air conditioning! I packed two frozen water bottles and set out. I went to petsmart and got a carrier for Hef and then went to walmart and petco got all sorts of bunny goodies and the cage in the picture. Hef has since outgrown that cage. So I drove about 25 minutes to get Hef in a black car with no air conditioning sweating like crazy. I drove past my turn and had to turn around in a car lot and go back.
The breeder I got Hef from is the nicest bunny lady I could ask for. She talked to me a lot before I got Hef and gave me a lot of tips on what to buy for him. She was so nice I brought her a bunny candle and a bunny toy for her baby. Then she brought out little Hef and I was sold! He was adorable as you can see. I set him up in the new carrier and put in the water bottles and we were off! I brought him home and showed him to my mother. She was not sold! So I covered immediately saying he was going to Hef's Dad's.
The picture there is Hef with his Dad for the first time ever! Buhbee just adores Hef and said he would take him home the next day when I could come over and set his home up properly. It was an exciting day!

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