Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bumble and Hef, and a bunny show

So Deb of Freckles and Deb thought Bumble could handle Hef, but the truth is she is scared of him. Hef weighs 4lbs and Bumble weighs 5lbs. She runs away from Hef, hisses at him and sits and stares at him from across the room. Bumble has killed mice and birds and rats and she even got a bat once, but she is scared of Hef, watch the video.

In my web surfing last night I discovered that a ARBA rabbit show is going to be near by. I've never been to a rabbit show and Hef isn't showable but I was curious to visit, meet some breeders that come to the area, things like that. I have been to cat shows and dog shows but I am nervous about going to a bunny show. I have no idea what its like or if visitors are welcome. Hef's dad and I have been debating about what kind of bunny doe would be a good girlfriend for Hef. Hef's dad wants a dwarf hotot or a bew netherland dwarf or a flemish giant. I don't even know if it would be safe for Hef to play with a flemish. That is something I will have to think over as well.

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