Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gimme buns not kids

I have been babysitting since about 8am, kid is supposed to be here until 6pm, ten freaking hours. I want to sit with my bunny and stare at things. Bunnies are quiet and their poops are neat and they don't scream if they fall over, in fact the usually don't fall over. I would like to sip my coffee and know I can get up and go to the freaking bathroom without peaking out the door because someone might get into something they shouldn't. I don't have kids toys okay, I have wood chews and loofa butterfly chews, can a kid play with that, no! Bunny gives you a problem, in the cage you go, kid gives you a problem you gotta yell and deal with it. Kids have to be feed, bun'll just hope over and take care of it. I like my self-sufficent self-cleaning, once in a while you can hold me, i'll wear the outfir for two seconds bunny and even though i love my nephew he can go home because my back hurts (bunny is 4lbs kid is over 20 i'm sure, might as well have a flemish giant) I want a hot coffee not a lukewarm coffee and i want to take a nap your taking a nap kid, its my turn next ok?
p.s thats Hef's dad not me

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