Monday, August 25, 2008

Back from the farm

We are back from the farm and I wish I would have taken Hef with us! They had a HUGE field of CLOVER and I would have loved to see Hef eat it! It was very interesting driving thru two hours of country roads, we're city buns. They only had cattle on the farm, and we saw a deer eating corn. We went on a hay ride, which I'm sure sounds very tasty to all the buns. I tried to get a big bale of hay to bring back but I didn't get any.
Hef is in trouble/time out since he bite me this morning. I was cleaning his litter pan this morning and when I went to put it back in I moved his morning treat and he bit my finger. So I took the treat away. As if smelling old bunny pee isn't bad enough?

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