Monday, August 18, 2008

The bunny show is on!!!

Hef's calling it Ladies/Does night at the bunny lounge in honor of the super new episode of The Girls Next Door tonight. Of course there are the girls but best of all is Hef's namesake Mr. Hugh Hefner. Let me clarify that we are not trying to be pro "magazine" here but we love the show, thats it, we are crazy about the show and Hef (the man) is awesome and you can't help but like him! Hef the bunny was named Hef before I ever met him, I just figured that Hugh Hefner was the top bunny man so who better? Besides they have a great line of cute bunny merchandise!
So this new episode is about the girls and Hef being this House Bunny movie, which I will probably not see. The previews do not appeal to me at all. They make it seem like she lived in the mansion, which isn't accurate and your not a bunny unless you work the bunny club or bunny events so I don't like it already. Also I have seen in one preview where she says she is the first bunny to go to college, so not true. Here at the bunny lounge we don't go for the stereotypes. Also we are not movie theater fans at all. What do you mean the bunny can't come in? You don't have salads or bananas? Lets go home!

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Rabbits' Guy said...

Aw Hef ... you are too cute for that stuff!!!