Saturday, August 16, 2008

House was a bust, but Hef and I are together!

That right there was the best thing about the house GRR! This wild bun was next door to the house we looked at. What a joke that house was. It was like 4 split levels and sooo dated and soooo dirty, yuck! AND the stupid realtor told us we could shot whatever we found in the overgrown backyard. So I right away said we have a bunny as a pet and will do no such thing! So he told me that he ment like woodchucks and such, well you know what dude? NOT GUNNA HAPPEN! Oh well the house hunt continues, at least afterward I got to visit the Hef!

Hef and I went out on the leash today. I had to
brush for about half an hour today, I don't know why he is shedding so much! We found a red ball outside the fence but Hef was not interested. He is such a cutie! Last night he gave me a scare and was doing the grunting dicing thing. Usually Hef is chill and you can do whatever so I was shocked. Everything was ok when Hef gave me about 5 licks on the nose! I took a video of Hef outside and I will try to add it tomorrow. If anyone has tips on reducing shedding please help us!
Big Honor! Rabbits' Guy commented on my new little blog! So flattered! Hef and I are going to chill and have a cold beer, heres one for all the buns sweating out the weather!


Lonely Paul said...


FrecklesandDeb said...

Wish we had some advice on the shedding. All we can say is Brush, Brush, Brush! And vacumn, vacumn, vacumn =:-)
Sorry about the house, but there is bound to be a better one out there just waiting for you!
Freckles and Deb

Rabbits' Guy said...

Advice on shedding? BAwahahahaha!

Ooops ...

Just what Deb said I guess. Shed happens!

Yup .. good luck about the house ...