Friday, August 22, 2008

Hef writes his first post by himself

My mommy tells me that four years ago today she first met daddy for their blind date. Mommy says that they did not wear blindfolds so I don't entirely understand. Mommy made this for Daddy yesterday, looks yummy, lucky Daddy! Mommy is very busy this weekend so i get to take over until Monday. Daddy is taking her to a nice dinner tonight and tomorrow they are going to a farm overnight for Daddy's family reunion. It must be a BIG farm because if my extended family got together it would be lot of buns!
Daddy said that I could not go to the farm, good ol' mommy asked right away! I guess its a long car ride and there may not be any litter boxes. I did this when I was younger and I think I will try it again! Mommy will be happy, she says there is a lot of hay on the farm!
Mommy is really busy today, trying on different shiny collars. Mommy usually lets me taste her clothes but not today, she says they are special. They look especially tasty to me! Mommy is packing up the other clothes I like to eat in one of these suitcases. At least Mommy won't be hungry on her trip.
P.S we hope everyone figured out that we changed our web address ok

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