Friday, August 15, 2008

Busy at the Bunny Lounge!

This guy to the right is Woogie, the resident dwarf hamster at the Bunny Lounge. I had him out last night and discovered he is growing a tumor on his stomach! I have had Woogie since April 20th 2007. We used to have a lot of dwarf hamsters, six at once, before we got Hef and became the bunny lounge. Woogie seems to be walking fine and having a good time so I am not thinking of putting him down but I am preparing myself for the worst.
On the left we have the good news! Buhbee and I are looking at this house tonight! It is very big and would have room for a real bunny lounge! Best of all Hef and I would be together everyday! Today is Friday and that means I get to be with Hef so I will take some cool pictures of Hef tonight to share. Buhbee told me Hef had an exciting day yesterday. His cage door was left open and Buhbee's mom discovered it in the afternoon. Hef was a very good bun and stayed in, thank goodness, but what fun he must have had leaning out all day!

p.s look at me I figured out how to move pics were i want them! YAY!


Rabbits' Guy said...

Well, I hope the results of the Inspiration does not drive you NUTS!!!! :<)

Keep us up to date on Hef ...

Welcome to the Bunnyblog-o-sphere!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Found my way here from Houseful of Rabbits...Hef is adorable! Congratulations on your new blog! We'll put a link on our blog, so we can find our way back to see how everything is going! Good luck with the house!
Freckles and Deb