Thursday, August 14, 2008

First post!

I was inspired by A Houseful of Rabbits to start my own blog. I read every post they had and am truly addicted. I only have one bunny and he's not even in my house. My bunny is named Hef and he is a Netherland Dwarf. I am Hef's Mom. Hef lives with Hef's Dad aka Buhbee. I do not see Hef everyday but I love to talk about him and share stories and even Hef's Dad is sick of hearing about them so I sharing them here! Hef is about a month over 1 year old and soon we will be celebrating his 1 year anniversary with us. So thats who I am, a bunny obsessed mom who needs new people to listen to her story. This picture on the left is of Hef on his 1st birthday. I love his pose and face, "Do I play with my toy or wait for cake?"

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