Monday, June 28, 2010

When decorating, add bunnies!

We are still filling our entertainment center cabinets with decorative items and nice liquors and wines. So at TJ Maxx (usually a good place for bunnies) I picked up two more bunnies. This one, I decided is a girl, and shes a little judgemental with her squinty eyes, but shes a sweetheart with her pretty flowers and butterfly. haha!
I thought this bunny could go in our new vegetable garden. But his goofy smile just makes me laugh so right now he's in the house. He is made by and they have a lot of other cute rabbit stepping stones and plaques. I love when things at TJ Maxx have tags and I can get more adorable bunnies.


Lisa said...

Ooo I like the one with the crazy long ears! I think I need some bunny decor!!!

B L said...

Very cute decor. Have you made beer bread yet? Yum! Wonder if it's in your new cookbook ... perhaps with cheese or other tasty things?

Rabbits' Guy said...

Beer bread - yes - good!!!

Hey - get Erin's husband to make Hef one of those dandy pens and put tops on it and then there is plenty of room for more bunny decor!! (You like to dust??)

Michelle May said...

Ahh can never have too much bunny decor!
Love them!