Friday, June 18, 2010

Veggies are coming! Yum!

Here we have a potted eggplant, doing pretty well. I read that eggplants liked dark pots to keep extra hot so this eggplant ended up there.
This is a little sweet potato. I bought a 6 pack of sweet potato plants too early and only this trooper survived. It's being overshadowed by another plant.Which is this massive zucchini plant! Its a crazy fella, and its almost up to the deck. All these plants were planted the same day but the zucchini really took off. Its got a few flowers already.These are scallions/green onions. I planted them last year, and they kind of fizzeled out. I didn't realize they were a two year crop. Now they are doing well.

And these are my yukon gold potatoes, I believe ony 4 potatoes went in the ground but they are doing well. Hef's dad also tilled a bit more land and we'll be planting more this weekend.


Lisa said...

Wow. You are doing quite well with your veggie garden!

Michelle May said...

Yummy to everything. I'm thinking I want eggplant lasagna this weekend!