Friday, June 4, 2010

Trip down Rochester way

Trip Facts: Rochester is about an hour and a half from The Bunny Lounge. We drove Hef's dad's 2004 Nissan Maxima, and hit 110,000 miles on the odometer during the trip. We stayed at the Airport Radisson, but oddly never saw the airport. It is located on the RIT college campus. Shadow the dog came with us. She rode in the backseat in her crate.

Its hard to tell but if you look close or enlarge the photo you can see the welcome to Rochester sign. We arrived on Tuesday afternoon around 5 o clock.
Shadow the Dog was charged $25 for joining our trip. I expected to leave her with a coworker, but at 10:30 tuesday morning I was told she couldn't do it. So I called and the Airport Radisson was very nice and let us add her on. We had to take a two double bed room instead of a king room but thats ok. After we checked in, Hef's dad and I went to the Marketplace Mall while Shadow stayed in the room. At home Shadow is crate trained and will just chill out with a bone or go to sleep. However as we walked down the halls to leave, she barked and whined. Fortunately the mall had a pet store and a grocery store. Shadow was extra spoiled with pig hooves filled with peanut butter and her new favorite treat Frosty Paws ice cream! In future outings she didn't bark or complain.
Here is the rest of our room, and Shadow's crate. Its a nice one, airline approved and all. So, I told Hef's dad, she can go on more vacations! At first we thought we would feel bad taking Shadow with us and leaving her there. I'm sure she spent less time in her crate on the trip then she would in a regular week. There was also a nice trail from the hotel to the RIT campus, so she had some good long walks with a lot of new smells. On Wednesday morning Shadow and I went for an early (6am!) jog and saw a beautiful deer, very close by. It then ran away a bit and crossed the street and stood and looked back at us for a while. Shadow was barking and jumping in the air, but the deer, a doe, just watched for a while then turned and hopped away. In NY we have white tail deer, so it struck me as pretty funny to watch a giant white cottontail hop away, and I said to Shadow "Its like a giant Hef hopping away". Then Wednesday afternoon, Hef's dad was with us and we saw two more deer across the driveway, hopping along. Hef's dad and Shadow raced after them.
We did a lot of shopping, saw a castle, and walked along the erie canal too, I'll show and tell about those things tomorrow!


Lisa said...

Is Shadow smiling in that picture because he has his very own bed??

Your family picture in the previous post is too sweet for words.

Welcome to the world of peebed.

Carmen C. said...

Shadow looks very cozy on the bed there, what a pretty girl:) Glad ya'll made it back to Hef safe & sound!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip. Maybe it was fate that Shadow got to come along. Sure looks happy on that bed!

Michelle May said...

Shadow looks so happy. That crate looks like a 5 star hotel for dogs! ;)