Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Party Prep

Ok so Hef got caught, but thats ok! This party is now Mama approved! Everybun has been great donating to our diabetes walk. We reached our goal of $200. Thanks everybun!!! If you still want to donate the link is on the previous post. Or since I reached my goal you can go to Hef's dad's page: https://walk.jdrf.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=walk.supportwalker&walkerid=87690620&sr=
because he has been too busy working to raise donations. THANK YOU THANK YOU EVERYBUN!
"Mama, we have papaya and apple slices, craisins, crossiants, chew sticks, banana chips,  and nibble rings, because there is always a doe watching her fruit intake," What else do we need Hef? "It's a Bunny Lounge Party Mama! We need drinks!" OK back to work Hef!
In other interesting news our dog sitter canceled on us at 10:30 this morning, but fortunately we had already booked a pet friendly hotel. I called this morning and we had to change from a king bed room to a pet friendly two double bed room, but Hef's dad said, "That's ok, Shadow can sleep on the other bed" Hef's Dad, Shadow and I are about to start our road trip, everybun have fun at the party, but don't break anything!


Michelle May said...

Safe travels!
Party on Hef man!

Lisa said...

Awwww lucky Shadow gets to go on vacation!!!

Have fun Hef and family!

The Bunns said...

We're comin' Hef ... we'll bring some drinks too.

Hey Shadow - you watch those hoomans now - no fooling around.

Lorna said...

Hi Hef!!

Momma says she has to come down to visit her friend Ewic in Seattle, so she'll dwop me off wif Da Bunns and den we'll car pool. ('Cause us bunnies are all about eco-fwiendly stuff, wight??)

Lord knows dey hafta have better taste in dwivin moosic dan my MOM. (Can you bewieve she has Gloria Estefen and Tom Jones on da same mix CD??)

I gots some blueberry cider, and I gots some dried papaya, and I gots some FRESH from the fields organic orchard hay wif dandelions'n'clover, oh and a stack of apple branches so we can play pick up sticks.

So excited! *binky!*

-Sage Bunny.
(Princess of the Canadian Branch of the Dutch Mafia.)