Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Buns & Beaches

Okay so we really only have one bun and one beach to talk about but it was a nice sounding title. Hef says "Look at me, I could be a lazy beach bun, but I don't like sand in my carrotini!"
So, Hef didn't want to come. Shadow and I went along. This stupid sign is always at the beach. I called last year and spoke with a park official. She explained pets are allowed on the sand but in the "lifeguarded beach area". Of course this sign is like 500 feet from the beach area so its stupid anyhow. And what do they mean no animals on the beach? There are a lot of seagulls they should go ticket for trespassing.
I thought Shadow's doggieprints in the sand were pretty cute!
Here's Shadow on our beach, officially called Beaver Island Beach. I should have taken a picture of the big plantationesque house by the beach. Hef's dad and I just might get married there someday!


Lisa said...

Awww Shadow's footprints ARE cute!

A beachfront wedding sounds amazing!!!!

Carmen C. said...

A stupid sign indeed considering most pets are cleaner and better behaved than alot of PEOPLE!!!!

bunnygirl said...

Yes, a "no animals" policy would be pretty hard to enforce. "Animals or pets" is even sillier. Does that mean I can't bring my pet rock? What about a chia pet?


Michelle May said...

Can't comment. Still laughing over what bunnygirl wrote! funny!