Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Party On!

Ok, veggies are out, and the scotch is next to the right glasses

What is that rumble?Its the 7-Bunny-7! Let the Party Begin!
P.S. Mama and Daddy and Shadow arrived safe and sound, checked into their hotel, all set. Mama will tell you about their adventures when they get home. I'm going to go have my own adventure with the bun party!


Lisa said...

Carrots and Broccoli and radishes!! OH MY!!! AND Scotch?! You have all our favorites. Everyone have a great vacation/party!

(P.S. The 7-bunny-7 looks an awful lot like an orca whale)

Silver said...

Party platter!

The Bunns said...

We Are HEEERRRREEEEEEE!!! Hop out every bunn - Pahhteeee!

Lisa - wake up and smell the craisins - the 7-bunny-7 IS like an orca. Have you not read the adventure of the bunnies and the 7-bunny-7???? It's right there on our blog.

Hef - your party is doing you and your namesake proud. It is the stuff of legends.

Michelle May said...

Looks like it was a great party Hef man! My kinda food!

FrecklesandDeb said...

The 7-Bunny-7! We remember the 7-Bunny-7...Freckles got to ride on it once! Wow, Hef really rates!