Friday, February 26, 2010

Shadow's Shepherd Pie

Hef's dad has been home sick so he's been keeping me busy. Wednesday night he requested something easy to swallow. We had just been to the library and I picked up both Cook's Country and The Rachael Ray magazine. They both happened to have recipes for Shepherds Pie. Cook's Country's was a make ahead and freeze and rachael ray's had mushrooms in it which Hef's dad doesn't like, so I combined the two recipes. I used ground turkey, low fat high protien. On top I used Roasted Garlic box potatoes and I didn't have enough so my filling bubbled over. It turned out smooth and creamy, warm and comforting. I'm calling it Shadow's Shepherd Pie since we know she is some sort of Shepherd dog, most likely a Belgian Shepherd Sheepdog.
P.S. If anybody ever wants a recipe let me know!


Carmen C. said...

That sounds delicious, I can almost smell it here in PA:)

Rabbits' Guy said...

Wow! But - what is it with you women good cooks - never just "follow the recipe" - there is always - "well I tweaked it a little" or "I combined a bit of this one with that one" - or ... da dah da dah da dah!!! I almost never get the same dish twice!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Oh yes - now make Belgian Waffles for Shadow!