Thursday, February 4, 2010

Talking about Carats, Not Carrots!

"Ok see Dad I know we have all this Spring Mix and some carrots left, but Mom keeps saying she wants a carat. I said ok Mom have one of mine. Then Mom explained that it was spelled different and it certainly was not for eating! She said you have to buy it Dad and that she wants it by the 14th!"
Thanks Hef! Don't you all think Hef has the right idea?


Michelle (Shell) May said...

Yes indeed I think it is time that your mom got her Carat. Hef, tell your dad not to be a chicken bunny and get her one. hee,hee,hee.

Erin said...

I think Audrey is ready for her visit now! I'm sending you an email:)

Carmen C. said... is in the air! YES Hef's dad, go buy Hef's mama a carat! BTW are Soooo cute with your hoppers up ;)

Lorna said...

I'm such a cynic.. I'd be thinking Hef is saying..

"Wook, I know dat da Momma wants a *carat* not a *carrot* but dat's just silly. Why have some shiny fing you can'ts even play wif? Obviously, she actually wants a football or somefin. Trust me, Daddy."

The Bunns said...

Here goes Hef again - trying to get us in trouble with somebody.

He does sure look comfy though!

Oh - and Audrey is coming ... hope she sees Niagra Falls!

Christina said...

I love this picture! A bunny snuggled up with Dad.