Saturday, February 20, 2010

Out with Audrey

Audrey, Hef's dad, and I went out to Amherst NY today. On Tuesday it had been announce that a local favorite (a chain from canada with two american branches) would be closing its two american stores by the end of the month. Amherst NY and Depew NY (former hometown of the bunny lounge). So Audrey, Hef's dad and I had dinner there. Needless to say the place was packed.They were already out of the Garlic Cheese Loaf and the Spring Rolls that we tried to order! I hear a waiter say they were completly running out of food every night!

They had even ran out of draft bunweiser so we all had bunweiser lights. Fine with us girls but Hef's dad said "it tasted like the back of an l.a. school bus" he was quoting sideways.

Audrey was happy to share my salad. Hef's dad informed me to stop taking Audrey's picture because the other people were staring. I said if they can't understand that bunnies like salads thats their problem. C'Mon, look at all that carrot!

Swiss Chalet serves essentially two meals. Rotisserie Chicken and Ribs. I had the chicken with coleslaw and a roll. Hef's dad had the ribs with mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and the roll. These are fantastic rolls. The really special thing? Chalet Sauce! Now this is good stuff! My sister used to drink it when she was kid. I dip everything in it, chicken, the roll w/ butter, and roasted veggies if I get them, you name it. My order came with pie which I got to go and they gave Hef's dad a pie too, no charge! Lemon Merinque pie at that, Hef's dad's favorite. I did have to order a chicken noodle soup because we were getting a draft from the door but YUM so it's ok. In other fun news we are constently getting spoiled by mail lately. On the heels of Audrey and her gifts, The Raspberry Rabbits have sent us gifts! Shadow couldn't keep her snoot away. Even after I gaver her a power bone (too funny!) she was still sniffing away. Hef recieved papayas. Ya know Hef has never had bananas or papayas before. He wouldn't eat fresh banana but he liked the chips. Hef has always been a picky eater so he hasn't tried much. Shell was also nice enough to send shot glass with pink hef bunnies on it and some very nice sea salt. Also very funny she has sent some raspberry chocolates. Sorry Shell but Hef's dad doesn't eat sweets but I already ate one! Thanks so Much!
Also we went to Petco where they had 3 adopt-a-buns. Sadly one had survived a house fire and I felt very bad for her but she was healthy and happy. There was a half-lop with airplane wing ears, too funny, he even did a dead bunny flop right in front of us! His name was Pierre, a french bun! However we have a male rabbit so we couldn't get him. Also there was a black and white dutch who let me scratch his/her nose, Oreo is not a gender specific name, but I didn't see any bunny boobies so my guess was a guy bun. Hef's dad did not let me take any of them home or even let me ask about it. I did use my dog food coupon and got dog food for 17 cents, score!


bunnygirl said...

Wow, it's great to see Audrey having a good time with you. And yay for Hef getting presents twice in a row!

B L said...

I wonder when Audry will have her own blog; I mean, with all that traveling, eating out, and making new friends?

Rabbits' Guy said...

Window shopping for bunnies. That's what I shoulda done more of!

(Hey - B L - you aren't burning dinner there are you??)

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Glad you liked your goodies and that the fuzzy ones did too!

Looks like a fabulous restaurant!

Karen said...

I so miss not being close to the border anymore so that I could hop over to Swiss Chalet for half a chicken. Hope you enjoyed it even if they were running out of everything