Thursday, February 18, 2010

Testing America's Test Kitchen

Since Beef Broccoli was so crazy popular with Hef's dad and online, I went to steal a phrase "back into the test kitchen," For some reason we have like 4 asian supermarkets about 10 minutes from our house so I decided I needed a big honking Wok. Isn't it beautiful? Just like the takeout store! And a steal at 8.50! After obtaining an obnoxious amount of broccoli and chicken breasts being only 1.99 lb I entered the kitchen to make Chicken Broccoli. Pretty good but not the taste sensation of before. Here were my mistakes, #1 I used a Wok. Because see the recipe is for a skillet and involves using a lid. #2 I didn't both to measure how much chicken or broccoli or peppers I used so my sauce mixture wasn't enough so then I hurriedly had to throw more together at the end. #3 I ran out of Oyster Sauce which is the heart of the brown sauce so it just wasn't as good a sauce.
My wok did a great job of cooking things and it was very easy to manage a ton of ingredients in the big ole thing. Also I believe you could use chicken in this dish easily but watch your portions. Now I have to obtain REAL wok recipes. Lesson Learned: You can't cover a Wok.


Michelle (Shell) May said...

I have a wok, but it's the electric kind that has a lid. Haven't used the darn thing in years. I should send it to you! It's know that doesn't sit out on the countertop in the "white house" hee,hee,hee. Anyway, I'm not kidding. If you would like it, let me know and I'll send it.

The Bunns said...

Well, the dish you made looks great!

Now where the hell you donna put that big wok? (That is our problem - things are beginning to stack up and stick out!)