Monday, February 1, 2010

Do you know how nice Mama is?

How nice my Mama is. By Hef.
On Friday at Mama's stupid job she got a BIG bag of Spring Mix. She said to her boss "This is sad. I'm eating iceberg and my rabbit's getting Spring Mix," Haha! Oh and this big thing I got?
This is daddys lunchbox, also know as his mailbox. Every morning at 7:30 am Mama gets up and makes daddy's breakfeast and lunch so he can go to work. Mama says because we are a cooking blog now too I can tell you about those. Breakfeast is either an egg cheese sausage biscuit or oatmeal and lunch is a real grab bag. Sometimes its leftovers from dinner, sometimes its homemade tuna salad or a sandwich. Know what Dad doesn't get though? SPRING MIX! That's all mine!
Also I as nice as Mama is I don't think she told you about my cool new trick! When I am done visiting the family and have to get back to the Bunny Lounge and do Bunny Bar stuff I just go! I go up the stairs and down the hall and into the Bunny Lounge and just do my thing. Mama is impressed!
Have a good monday bunday!


Carmen C. said...

Well no wonder you are getting spring mix yummies are such a GOOD BOY! I have to chase my bunns around for half an hour to get them back in their homes! You look totally adorable too with daddy's lunch box ;)

bunnygirl said...

You get spring mix because you're special, Hef.

The Bunns said...

Well of course. You are Hef. Hef rules. (they drools! Bawawawawahahahaha)

Same here. We get the spring mix! They get asparagus - (yeeeech.)

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Good boy Hef man!! You totally deserve your spring mix! You are one smart bun and your mama is one sweet mama to take such good care of you and your dad.