Monday, February 8, 2010

Back In The Kitchen

So we haven't talked about cooking much lately. That's because I haven't done much amazing cooking lately. Last Monday Hef's grandma came over and we tried two recipes from Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I gotta tell you its more like mastering the art of using every pot and bowl in the kitchen. We made a belgian (in honor of shadow the dog) beer braise beef stew and a ratatouille. That's the Ratatouille. As Hef's dad was eating it he goes, "There isn't a lot of meat in this," Which concerned me because there wasn't meat in it but then he said he was just joking! He fooled me! The tough part about French Cooking is browning everything and then putting it aside and then putting it back and its a lot of dirty dishes! After a big cooking extravaganza I tend to take some time off for simple meals and bunny cuddles.
PS Congrats to the Saints! GO BOOGEY!


Michelle (Shell) May said...

Ok... I'll be up to eat that fabulous no critter dish. It looks divine. No wait... you can come here and make it for me! David cleans up all the dishes after I cook. That's the deal. I cook, he cleans up. He has the same complaint though that I use every dish in the kitchen! hee,hee,hee.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Oh man ... it looks just right!

Yes - ALL those dirty dishes - those pots with the brown lines in them, the spoons, strainers, little fry pans, dripped butter. Good for you for still cooking them .. BL got all the episodes of her TV show from Netflix and is watching that instead. I saw her when she made an omellete (omelette?) ... looked like scrambled eggs ... I'm not too french!

Anyway, I think I am getting the roast chicken soon - at least I put in my request!

Haven't heard too much from Boogey - I fear his people are still - ah - celebrating.

Rabbits' Guy said...

BL says Beautiful dish! Well done!

Bunny Lady said...

Julia would be so proud of you! I just finished reading a wonderful little book: "Julia Child, A Life" by Laura Shapiro. You might enjoy. Thanks for posting the delightful pictures; you certainly have the flair for French Cooking!