Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Exciting Pictures!

Once again Hef baffles me as to how this is a relaxing way to lay down "I love the feel of wires pressed into my skin?"
Here is our trashed tire. There is a big gash on the bottom left and a small gash bottom right and the whole thing is coming off the rim. We are arguing with the Trhuway Authority to have it paid.
Here it is! FINALLY! Our pool is open and ready for swimming. If you recall last summer Hef went swimming in his grandparents pool but I never got a video. Watch out for that, its coming!

We have been trying to get Shadow the Dog into the pool but she stands at the end and tries to walk down the ladder and can't figure it out. The water was a little lower then so maybe she can figure it out now. Of course our forecast for the week is RAIN and in the mid 60'S! AUGH! I feel like Charlie Brown.

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The Bunns said...

You put Hef in there we're calling ASPC, PETA, FBI, ACLU, and 911 ...