Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh what can happen when someone hands you a chocolate beer!

Hef's turn to write:

So Mommy brought me down last night to hang out and this is what I find. Daddy had already shredded the beer box, which is MY JOB! Mommy was downing a Saranac Brown Ale & Nestle Chocolate Chips and Shadow the Dog was bothering me. Daddy was painting things in the garage and suggested I be left to run around the garage. Thanks Dad I need to play with motor oil and lawn chemicals more! Mommy intervened and Daddy's like "Oh yeah, he might get under the car," Thanks for looking out for me Dad....

Anyway since Shadow the Dog is not as agile as I am he was blocked off from the garage area with the fireplace screen. I inspected Dad's work on the beer box and helped him finish the work. Then Mom did the funniest thing and I think its about time she did it!

HAHA! Shadow the Dog got dressed up and in Dad's stinky PJ shirt! It's not even ment for dogs or bunnies! Shadow the Dog just strolled around and lounged in it! Daddy made Mom take a lot of pictures because it had Daddy's work logo on it and now they are sending it around his office! Take that!

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Anonymous said...

Shadow actually looks good in stinky PJs :p

How nice that Shadow tried to snuggle with you when you were working out! All the bunnies do is try to nibble my hair or tickle my neck/face with their whiskers when they're busy sniffing me hee hee