Monday, June 29, 2009

Whoa slow down!

Ok first of all we've put a picture of Rabbit's Guy behind the bar with a statement about only giving him ten drinks if he brings all ten rabbits!
Secondly we were attacked again! This time in the car! We were driving home from Hef's Grandparents on the thruway looking out at the water and Canada and the Peace Bridge with Shadow the Dog in the back of the car. Suddenly we saw the minivan in front of us swerve and a fence post was coming at us! Hef's dad was driving and he swerved as much as he could without hitting the cement divider. Fortunately the post went down on the ground rolling at us instead of flying at us! We did hit it and the car was immediately driving funny and seeming really messed up. Hef's dad said "We gotta get home!" We didn't make it home so quickly. We had to stop with about 15 minutes left on our drive to change the flat tire. The old tire had two diffrent gashes in it. Poor Hef's Dad had to pull over onto the median by an exit and change the tire right there! Also we had a pressure washer and a pool pump in the trunk and he had to pull all that out. Poor Shadow the Dog layed in her travel kennel and whined the whole time because she didn't know where Hef's Dad went to! What a nice Saturday!
On Sunday we finally started getting the pool open and we are almost ready! We walked around in it last night but it wasn't full yet. It should be ready tonight!
My camera batteries are dead or we would have exciting pictures for you. Come back tomorrow for exciting pictures.


bunnygirl said...

Wow, I'm glad no one but the tire was hurt!

I had something similar happen to me once. Someone lost a gas can from their vehicle and a van hit it into my lane. I had nowhere to go on the right except the curb and there was a car to my left, so I ended up hitting the gas can, which at least was empty, thank goodness.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Oh My God ... I'm famous. Do I look sort of like Humphrey Bogart? Are there ceiling fans and smoke filled rooms and a piano and and and ... ????

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm glad everyone's ok! Once the pool is open, Hef can set up his bar next to it and have a party to celebrate!