Thursday, June 25, 2009

If you say so....

I'm sure this is much more comfortable then it looks, if you say so Hef.
(Hef looks pinkish because of his new pink curtians, the ladies love um!)
Anyhow once again we had rabbit customers hopping around and one of them let me get pretty close check it out:
Also we took a late night dog walk with Shadow the Dog to cool off and I spotted a rabbit on a lawn across the street and Shadow the Dog didn't even notice. I pointed the bun out to Hef's Dad and he said I was really good at spotting rabbits. I said it was kinda a hobby. I really like to spot rabbits at garage sales for good prices which I am setting out to do again tomorrow! YAY! hef's grandma on my side is my accomplace tomorrow. Anyway back to the rabbits outside on the way back to our house Shadow did notice the rabbit and wanted to go chase. Not happening what with the leash and all! Tomorrow after garage sales we are off to the island beach. Shadow the Dog will be tagging along.

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