Thursday, June 4, 2009

Growin and Buildin and Decoratin

I have planted three new plants. A tomato, a cucumber and a banana pepper!

Our other plants are doing great too! Our strawboogie has so many flowers I can't count them all! Our pansy plant got huge!
Also I am happy to report that half our remodeling efforts are done! I removed the girly not cool bunny loungey wallpaper border from the bunny lounge! YAY! Not manly! Not cool! My other project is still in the works as I am painting and building!Last night Hef's Dad called me into the bathroom tolook at a weird "bug". Fearing something out of FearFactor I cautiously looked. It was a tick! YUCK! So I had Hef's dad flush it and we moved on. Then Hef's dad was washing his car while Shadow the Dog enjoyed a knckle bone in the driveway while I groomed her and sadly I found a tick on her forehead. YUCKY! I really had to yank the thing to get it off Shadow the Dog. I bet that hurt. We inspected the rest of her body and put her in her crate. We then checked out Hef just to be safe and thankfully we found nothing on him! We then rushed and got flea and tick shampoo and gave Shadow the Dog a very intense bath. I'll be on the lookout from now on!


Sam, Willow ,Samantha and Tabitha said...

front line

worth every dime, it really works (in CT you can only get it at the vet - i love that stuff) we use it on the beast - we have a pit bull named Rielly

The Bunns said...

Hey Hef.

Cool me off a Corona and a nice Carrotini for my girl "The Slipper"