Friday, July 3, 2009

Field Trip

Yesterday I went to our local aquarium in Niagara Falls. (Really, everyone make some point in your life to see the falls and bring your rabbits to the bunny lounge) I was accompainied by my sister and my nephew who is about 1 1/2. Honestly our aquarium isn't great. The big attraction is sea lions, california sea lions. They do a little show that hasn't change in my lifetime. It was announced that Julie today's performing sea lion just turned 23. Which is how old I am. The lady yesterday was very boring and unenthusastic so my nephew walked out on the show. When you first get there, you see outside 4 seals that are older then me seriously. There is a sign that says approximate birth date 1980. Then you go inside and you are hit with an extremly fishy smell! After you pay there are humboldt penguins. They always look diaseased

My favorite are the sharks. The best shark they have is a leopard shark. Of course so does this restaurant that I love, they don't charge admission and you can get a cocktail. When I was a teen a pet store near me had two leopard sharks for sale, babies, for 75 bucks each, man I wanted those.
The sharks at the aquarium are very hard to photograph because they are in a very dark tank. So you have to use a flash but then there is glass so you get a reflection. That lady who shows up was also trying to do the same as me, didn't work. I got a few nice pictures. I think this one could be used in a brouchere advertising the place.
I don't know how well this one shows up so small but you can see a horseshoe crab and a skate I think the other was, it wasn't a ray of any kind, our aquarium is not that cool. You know what else we have at our aquarium that makes it weird? This guy:
He's a freaking porcupine! Now I know he doesn't live under the see and he had a river in his exhibit which he clearly avoided at extremes. I also took a picture of this rock because I thought it looked like a bunny!

But i detest the things that are in there. Yuck! They are atoytl or something like that, prehistoric little darwin missing link things that look creepy. AHH! Yuck, creepy right? Even creepier behind it is an albino one! ACK!
So I recommend coming to see the falls and the bunny lounge when in the area but skip the aquarium. If you would like to see a nice aquarium I recommend the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta which has a whale shark which is freaking huge! The Georgia Aquarium was featured on the Martha Stewart show. Georgia also has a nice zoo with Pandas. (Ok so I have an Uncle in Georgia and I've spent some vacations there does it show?) Also I recommend the Montery Bay Aquarium in California because they often have a Great White Shark which OMG I would love to see! I have to ask Bunnygirl about Houstons aquarium because I understand they have one where you can dine under the aquariums? We thought we might move to Houston before we bought Buntryside so I've done a bit of research on things to do. How about everybody else, any nice aquariums?


Rabbits' Guy said...

Iguess Seattle does ... but heck ... we live close to the Pacific in Puget Sound and you can see a lot of that stuff by just going to the beach at the right time. There is an Orca Whale around here that is 98 years old!!

Of coourse we don't have Niagra - but we do have Snoqualmie Falls and many many mountain falls!

And, we have Canada right next door!

Hef's Mom said...

Uh Rabbit's guy we ya know are kinda close to Canada too ya know? Ever here of Niagara Falls, Ontario? Also did you know that it is perfectly legal to bring rabbits across borders?

d. moll, said...

Yes, I can vouch for the Monterey Bay Aquarium, state of the art, just like Hef's lounge.

RoadBunner said...

You live by Niagara Falls?! Lucky!! I went a few years ago during winter and LOVED the area!! I really enjoyed the butterfly exhibit. I am hoping to do the Niagara Falls marathon one day.

FrecklesandDeb said...

Oh, great, now Freckles is bugging me to see Niagara Falls! I keep telling her, "We'll see."

The aquarium at Newport, Oregon is nice. That's were Keiko lived while she got healthy enough to be set free. (She's the Orca from the FREE WILLY movie.) We love the Jelly Fish display. You can walk all around their glass home -- just beautiful as they float through the water.