Thursday, June 18, 2009

Remember Hef?

"This is a blog about me remember?"
Hef gave me a big thump this morning to remind me that yes at its heart this blog is about Heffy! So here is a picture of him and some lettuce. I may have been neglecting to put up pictures of Hef but I sure haven't been neglecting Hef! The Bunny Lounge is looking its cleanest in a long time at Hef's Dad's insistance.
In other news the local news we watch has been moved to 11am for some weird reason. We usually don't watch the news because we watch all of The Today Show and they cover the big stuff. However there was a special news item today.

Last August a local Hat factory was broken into and they stole $66,000 in hats. Now they have caught these guys and recovered all the hats. Why does this matter to the bunny lounge? It just so happens that Hef's dad works for this hat company at their downtown office. It's a good day and maybe we can get more free hats now!

Otherwise its been rainy here and is supposed to be until at least Sunday. So I guess this means no pool?


bunnygirl said...

Hef is cute in his hat!

FrecklesandDeb said...

We certainly do remember Hef! He looks good in that hat...we're happy the hats' disappearance has been solved!

The Bunns said...

Well, I guess it's Hats off to you ... er Hats On ... er ... Hi Heffy!