Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So help me, we're going to grill at the park!

The weather report said that last Saturday was supposed to have a high of 69 degrees. So I was determined to pack a picnic, take Hef's dad and Shadow the Dog and enjoy the day. Our picnic was hot dogs, pasta salad, and a steak that we all shared. Upon arrival to the park there was an assortment of brder collies, australian shepherds and a golden retriever running around the playground. Their owners were nice enough as were the dogs, to let Shadow join in their games. It was so cute. All the dogs were going down the slides and through the tunnel. Then we went exploring the rest of the park and all the restrooms were locked! So we packed up and went to Fort Niagara in hopes of restrooms.
The park restrooms were also locked at Fort Niagara! However they have a vistors center to get to the old fort buildings. I decided I would keep walking with Shadow and Hef's dad went to get the car and meet us there. As I was walking I found a shortcut through the grass back to the parking lot, so I figured I would cut through and meet Hef's dad at the car. I started calling him but he didn't hear me and got in the car and took off! I ran after him, but Shadow kept stopping to sniff. Poor Hef's dad got to the visitor's center well before us, all worried, and I was all upset, but alas restrooms! Fort Niagara is on Lake Ontario and was too cold for grilling, back to the first park!
Finally, lunch is ready!


Rabbits' Guy said...

The tease of spring in the mid-west/east - I remember it well!

FrecklesandDeb said...

We had a nice weekend -- and then the rain came. It's supposed to rain all week, so no grillin' for us! (We're glad you found the restrooms!)

Michelle May said...

As if public restrooms aren't bad enough, but when they're locked it's worse!
Glad you finally got your picnic and Shadow got to play with friends.