Friday, April 2, 2010

Hef! Get UP!

Easter is only two days away! And we are a day behind because I was called in thursday! I have to work today too, but Hef's dad is off so I don't have to sit. This afternoon is grocery shopping. Please let there be hams left! Also we will be trying capers for the first time, what the devil do they taste like? Good, I hope.
"Mama, its going to be 74 today, I think all my Easter work has to be outside today. Filling baskets on the porch, checking the grass, eating the grass!.... well you have to test it, ya know? You don't? Well its Easter Bunny stuff, I assure you,"
Ok Hef, whatever.


Lisa said...

Aww. Heff has been so sleepy lately!!!

Capers are incredibly delicious. My boyfriend and I like to put them on everything we can. I highly suggest you try them, I honestly find it hard to believe with all the cooking you do that you haven't used them before!!!

As for Hef's Easter preparations... that sounds like fun ;)

bunnygirl said...

Get crackin' Hef! Easter is day after tomorrow!

The Bunns said...

Capers - yumm. You could make a butter, capers, tiny bit of chopped tomatoes "sauce" cooked for a bit to put over that tilapia you had a bit ago!

Hef - make ours chocolate!!!