Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bun & Beurre Blanc

To me in this photo, Hef doesn't look real, haha! Hef was hanging out with his dad while I cooked. The other night I made beurre blanc, white butter sauce. Which contains two tablespoons and two sticks of butter! mmm butter! I loved it, Hef's dad said he liked green gaints butter sauce better, hmph! In other Julia news, did anyone see Mrs. Julia Child featured in the Beakman & Jax section of the sunday comics? It explained how to make butter, which I would have tried last night if my french bread hadn't gotten moldy in three days, not fair! Also if you looked at it closely around the bored it talked about the Julia Child Rose, and I promptly ordered one for our garden!
In other news, the downside to living on the island reared its ugly head yesterday. What is that? Well, we're an island so we require bridges to exit the island. So, if there is a problem, like an accident on the bridge, it makes it difficult for Hef's dad to go to work. It is "spring" so construction is starting and yesterday they started replacing the deck on one of our bridges. There are two bridges side by side as I've shown before. So they just make one bridge one line of traffic in each direction overnight. Most business people who live here commute to Buffalo to work downtown, like Hef's dad. Therefore the bridge is to reopen at 6am for the commute. Yesterday the bridge did not reopen until 5pm, and our regular on ramp/exit was closed until then. Fortunately I got a ride home from work but it took Hef's dad 2 hours to get to work, when it is normally 20 minutes. Then he had to hang around after work until traffic cleared up! Bad construction men!


Lisa said...

Awww, Hef! What a sweet boy who lets himself be held!!!! (Jealous)

Poor Hef's Dad. That does not sound like a fun day. I'm glad I don't have to drive (except I will prob have to start driving in August when I move to Queens :-( )

FrecklesandDeb said...

Butter! We're with you -- can never have enough butter!

Maybe you'll have to buy a boat. Then you can wave at all the people stuck on the bridge =;-)

B L said...

In the Cassoulet, I used bacon instead of sausage.

Michelle May said...

Hef is such a sweet boy. Looks like he's telling Hef's dad a story.
I do love some butter. Naughty, naughty, but oh so yummy, yummy!

Not a fun commute day! Ick!