Saturday, April 10, 2010

Brunch Review

First and formost, Hef wanted me to share with you that yesterday was Hugh Hefner's 84th birthday. It was also my sister's birthday, ironic huh? Hef says, "Yeah, ya know what Mama did to celebrate? Trim my nails! Hmph!"
Anyhow, as we mentioned we had a brunch party for easter! I made a whole ARMY OF OLIVE BUNNIES! Can you tell they are bunnies? It was super funny, some had long ears, some and really wide apart ears, it was cracking me up, they all looked like unique bunnies.
Here is the Ham and pineapples, my sister's breakfeast stromboli (Hef's dad loved it, now i have to make it!) Italian Potato Salad, which I made a ton off and have been taking to work as lunch. Then there is the olive bunny army, and pasta with a cream cheese tomato roasted red pepper sauce.
And this was the dessert table! From the left is the green stuff (pistachio pudding with pineapples whip cream and cherries) yeah in my family its just the green stuff, maybe it has a real name, if you know it tell me! My sister also made a chocolate mouse, because I was talking to her one day while watching Julia Child make it, isn't that nice of her? Behind that is the fruit salad my brother brought. I also made crescent rolls (with help from the pilsbury dough boy) and I, yes I, the non-baker, made fudge! It was yummery but it was kinda melty/sticky.
Not pictured: A Tuna Melt Frittata from a Rachael Ray recipe that no one liked, thanks rach! Also my aunt dropped off a cake the night before, a coconut lamb, my goodness its delicious. She says her bf made it but it's pretty close to store bought! yummy!
Hef says, "Also not pictured, ME! HMPH!"


Michelle (Shell) May said...

Ok...totally love the army of olive bunnies and would eat all of those! How darn clever! Also would eat all the other amazing "non critter" items you had! Fabulous!

The Bunns said...


We love fruit salad!