Thursday, April 22, 2010

Run Rabbit Run

Shadow the Dog and I went for our first "run/walk" in a long time, I figure 3-4 weeks. We managed to get 4:54 minutes of running out of our 20 minute walk, not bad. Don't worry Shadow has still been getting walks, but after a day of working on my feet, I can't run. My feet just won't do it.
In ICKY news on Sunday, Hef's dad joined us on our walk, (not the icky part!), Shadow the Dog found the first snake of the year! YUCK! ICK! BLECK! I was born with a big fear of snakes. As I found out AFTER we moved to Grand Island, its like known for having snakes, swell. Our walk was almost 4 miles though!
Wel'll be telling you more about this later but we are signed up for a walk/run! A coworker of mine invited me, and if allowed Shadow the Dog, to join her on a Juvinelle Diabetes Reasearch Foundation walk. It is 1 mile, but its our first walk. Maybe we can jog it! It's not until June 6th, but we hope some of our bunfriends will sponsor our walk, more on that later!
Hef is a pretty happy bun, last night we carried his whole cage, with him in it, out onto the lawn. Hef snuck out onto the lawn twice! while I had the door open to clean out the old hay, but Shadow the Dog herded him back inside! Hef also enjoyed some harness time, ate the grass, and cleaned himself under the tree. No pictures, dead batteries, darn it!
NOW! It's spring, go hop outside!


Lisa said...

Wow Hef is a very lucky bun! And you and Hef's Dad are lucky you have Shadow the Dog to keep him in line.

bunnygirl said...

I'm glad Hef got to have a little outdoor time. How funny that Shadow herded him back!

Michelle May said...

Hef having a bath under the tree sounds so sweet. Glad Shadow kept a good eye on that waskaly wabbit.

The Bunns said...

LOts of walk/runs allow dogs. Some are especially for dogs!

Don't need pix .. we all have our own fine images of Hef and his big day out!!!!

RoadBunner said...

Oh, please re-remind me later about your fund raising. Mario will throw in his carrot allowance :) Great job getting out there. You will do great!