Thursday, July 9, 2009

Red Tape is not tasty like Green Grass

Due to Terrorists and other sorts of jack@$$es I have to get a new driver's license if I want to go to Canada and to do that it requires a trip to the dmv. Also please bring your social security card birth certficate drivers license proof of residence two pieces of mail addressed to you in the last 90 days people who know you a brown rabbit cheesecake a red horse and a wide variety of other stuff. Fill out this form stand in that line and wait several weeks! I need mine by August 9th to go party! The extended family is taking a trip over the border for horseracing and slot machines (sadly not at the the playboy club and yes I did look into being a bunny dealer but Hef's dad wouldn't move!)

I love horses and slot machines! My current favorite slot is Poppit! based on the Pogo game because I love Pogo games! My current favorite race horse is the beauty right here. Chocolate Candy. Great name, owned by Jenny Craig, tee hee. I heard her say she named this horse Chocolate Candy because everybody needs a little chocolate candy once in a while. DARN RIGHT! We have horse races right near us but they stink! Its cart racing which I despise as it is dangerous. Get your buns on the horse!


FrecklesandDeb said...

Hope your new driver's license comes on time for you to go. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Rabbits' Guy said...

I guess we better do that too soon since we live so close to Vancouver and it is great up there ... but hey .. we have a nickle slot machine right here in the House of Rabbits! and lots of horses all around, so we do pretty good!

Do they have the Nexus line there at the border?