Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We started Hef's birthday off right with a few big leaves of fresh spinach. Unfortunately he didn't have a do to share it with! (Blame Hef's Dad, I really tried!)
Sadly the pictre of Hef's gifts didn't come out good. He got Peter's Rabbit Salad, a Nutty Stick Ball (with two walnuts instead because he's two!) and a Natural Ball (made of sisal). The Bunweiser you can kinda see is actually Hef's dads.

For the big finish we had Hef of July fireworks. These are not from the 4th we really had them on the 11th.


bunnygirl said...

Very cool. Happy Birthday, Hef!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hef!!! Maybe you'll get a doe by your next birthday :D don't give up!

Boogey said...

YAAAAY hoppy birfday!

The Bunns said...

By golly .. That was one HEFFY! Birthday PArty!!!