Friday, July 17, 2009

Le J'Arden

Welcome to The Bunny Lounge's garden, located just below The Bunny Lounge, outside of course. Do you remember our little plants? Sadly I don't think our Banana Pepper plant is going to make it or produce anything. However our first stop is flourishing. It has little vine tendrils holding it up and flowers!
Oh I just think they are adorable! Little cucumber flowers! So cute!

LETTUCE! What bun wouldn't want Lettuce sprouts in their garden?

Heres our spry little tomater, its starting to get little flowers as well. They look like closed dandelions, odd.

Can you tell? These are Scallion/Green Onion sprouts, and some wandering grass. It's kinda hard to tell them apart right now so I can't weed.

Our strawboogie plant has been making strawberries and growing and flowering, but we haven't gotten to enjoy any fruit!

This is the evidence that SOMEBUNNYhas been eating our strawberries. It wasn't me and it wasn't Hef. My guess is those rowdy customers of his.

Here is our dill, basil, and parsley. Yes Hef has ate the parsley and the basil. We've also made some good food. Dill dip, Dill porkchops, Dill sauce for Tilapia, and Fresh Herb Burgers. YUM! These are Gladiolus, I still can't believe I got these bulbs at the dollar store! They should flower any day now. Hef's dad asked me the other day if they just looked like that all the

Now we've heard there is a garage sale close by so we are going to hop on over and try to beat the rain!


Anonymous said...

That's a nice start to Hef's garden. What a lucky guy, so may delicious offerings to choose from! Wish I had space to plant greens for my bunnies!

The Bunns said...

Boy .. good thing Hef is "on the leash"! Lots of good stuff there to eat!!! Nomm Nomm ...