Monday, July 27, 2009

Tornado Toesys!

On Friday night Hef was hopping around and Hef's Dad let Shadow the Dog out and chase insued. Hef hopped (quite quickly, i might add) onto the kitchen rug. I grabbed Shadow the Dog and Hef's Dad picked up Hef. No big deal. I put Shadow outside and let Hef go back to his hopping. A little while later I noticed a stain on my t-shirt. It looked like blood to me. So I scooped up Hoppin Hef and sure enough, Hef has busted a nail. He only bleed a teeny bit and it looks like a crack in the nail. Its close to the base so its hard to get a good picture. Any suggestions for treatment?

On Saturday we went on a staycation trip to Rochester and Waterloo. Our drive home was quite rough! We didn't know it at the time but the big rainstorm was really a big tornado in the area! Now this is the second tornado I have been in the car for! When I was ten my family went to Disneyworld and we were driving back from Florida to my grandparents house in North Carolina and I was sleeping. Its fun to wake up to "Oh Boy! You missed the hurricane!" What is the difference between a hurricane and a torndao? IDK!

On Sunday we were strolling around the Island with Shadow the Dog and wouldn't you know it Shadow goes and steps on a bee! We had just arrived at the new neighborhood to check it out. Of course we came straight home with our little pup. It is so sad to look at Shadow the Dog with her raised paw. Shadow the Dog seemed better today and didn't appear to limp at all on our walk today.

Heffy on the other hand has shown no signs of problems, he is still hopping all over the place. Hef's new favorite pasttime seems to be hopping onto his tile and sliding into the corner. I must get a video if it. He slids and spins around so his bun butt is in the corner.

The Bunny Lounge- Temporary Foot Resting Place


RoadBunner said...

My childhood bun would sometimes lose toenails hopping on the rocks/sidewalk in the backyard. She would just lick them up and they never seemed to bother her otherwise.

The furries at your place should get little shoes! :)

Boogey said...

askeery toe!!!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Sick Bay!