Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sending cool thoughts!

This was our rain last wednesday! Over the weekend we had tornado like weather and real tornados around the area. Yesterday we had a very hot day and today we are supposed to have thunderstorms! These "puddles" were from the rain shown above.

Here is the best shot Hef let me get of his toe, see how the one on the end sticks out funny? He broke it off now and is perfectly fine. Further inspecting Shadow the Dog's paw it looks like she broke a nail in her incidence as well.

Tomorrow the sun is supposed to shine maybe our morning rabbits will be back we haven't seen them in days! :(

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furrybutts said...

Aww, Hef broke a toe? Hope it's ok now. I've never experienced a broken bunny toe, just a broken dew claw on Hans.