Thursday, April 16, 2009

On the road again...

We've been doing a lot of napping lately.
I am feeling back on my way to health today. I cleaned out our kitchen cabinets which in a few short months became very messy. I worked up a sweat and our heat is only on 66! I still lack an appetite but have grabbed a potato chip here and there.
The other day we stopped at the library (I <3>I used to write a lot in high school, but whats tough now is we only have a desktop and so its not like I can write down thoughts right away, but my laptop is at the laptop doctor and hopefully will be home soon. In high school I always had tons of paper and wrote during classes and any other chance I could get.
In other news I trying to convince Hef's dad to enter Today's Wedding on the Today Show. Hef's dad has really said that its a financial issue and thats why we haven't gotten married. Hef's dad has done a lot for all of us and I really want to enter him in some contest for a big cool prize. I'm also keeping my eye out for some sort of kitchen makeover because he really wants that too! So if you see us on Today's Wedding VOTE VOTE VOTE!

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