Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Noms & Bad Noms

First, did anyone else see the new vitiman water 10 commerical? All these animals work in an office for mother nature. In one a rabbits like I need time off Charlene is about to have babies. Then mother nature says isn't this the 38th time this year? And aren't you two split up? TeeHee it was funny! There was another funny one were three prairie dogs were on a desk and a coyote was behind them and they are talking office stuff and cutting back and forth between mother nature and the prairie dogs and the coyote eats one and then the second one and the third prairie dog goes "Can we order some take out first?" And mother nature looks over and is like "oh! yeah we can do that." its funny!

Here are the good noms we are growing, Cilantro and Green Pepper. We also had tomato but it got too big for the container so I transplanted them to a big pot. After that Hef's dad decided he would put them outside ALL DAY. IN DIRECT SUN. So we don't have any tomaters anymo'. These are bad noms! We are embrassed that bunnies are on the package. Hef's dad and I love many Japanese and Asian foods. I am also a sucker for the cute Anime packages. So when I spotted these snacks I had to have them. So Cute.Of course when I got them home I noticed that they are milk and egg flavored, which in america translates to chalky and floury puffs that make you want a glass of water. On the other hand if you enlarge this pic below they do have an adorable variety of bunny characters.


Sam's mistress said...

Well, you have a really cool package at any rate! Gotta love Asian marketing - they know how to do it! Woo-hoo!

d. moll, said...

You really wanted the package anyway, right?

furrybutts said...

Too cute not to buy!