Saturday, April 25, 2009

Let me tell you about our backyard!

It very early Sunday morning, 7:46am exatcably. For some reason I always wake up early on Sundays. Its very nice, Shadow sleeps in the hall, Hef cleans himself in his bunny lounge and its quiet. I think the nicest part is Hef's dad won't be up for hours so I can do as I please but still have the nice comfort of knowing he is home. Hef and I started the post below yesterday after our outdoor adventure that had to sub for the picnic but our computer shut off (which it does from time to time for the fun of it) so we are trying again. Take it away Hef.

Let me tell everybun about our backyard. I was going to tell everybun about a cool park but Daddy was sick, and a tad grumpy too. He didn't want to hear about my outside adventure at all! To start here I am checking our grass, I look very small because our yard is very big!
Right past the grass start is this cool tree that I tottally half pushed over. Its a good nom as well. Mommy doesn't know what kind of tree it is. She said "Its the one that isn't an apple tree," So moving on...
This is our neighbors fence. I was very interested in it. Momma said "I don't know their last name but its not McGregor so stay out,"

I thought maybe they would have a Veggie garden anyhow, and I would just sneek a peek. Momma asid, "Even if they did have a garden there wouldn't be much to nom since growing season only really started last weekend." I'll come back in a few weeks then. (Hef's mom says: we can see their yard when we are upstairs. They don't have a vegetable garden, they have a snotty little pug they let go on our yard.)

For reasons I never intend to share with my mother I groom extensively when I am outside. I didn't think we need to share that but Mommy liked my raised paw action shoot. America's Next Top Bun Model right here!
Then I came back to my cage to chill on a cool ceramic tile. Today it is cloudy and foggy so if anybun has good weather go out and do a binky on our behalf!


Anonymous said...

Lucky you, a nice big yard all to yourself! But what's that about the pug coming into your yard?! We hope he doesn't poop on your nice grass!

Anonymous said...

Nice backyard! We're envy!!