Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An Easter Crisis and Spring Prep

OK big time easter problem and we need help to solve it! I was planning a egg hunt in the backyard but it looks like the yard will be mushy mud on Sunday. :( Hef's dad doesn't want it in the house as things may get broken so what are we going to do? I am tempted to just eat all the candy myself but I shouldn't. Any suggestions Easter Buns?

I, along with Hef and Hef's Dad are anticipating spring. (Shadow is part husky and seems to enjoy the snow quite a bit). Its not fun walking a dog in 28 degree snowing weather. Its just not and it doesn't get funnier when its April! Hef has been prepping for our spring garden and yard:

Yup gotta get the mower ready for spring (This is our cool riding mower which came with the house AWESOME!)

Alright, did the oil change, replaced the battery. Now to start her up!

Alright, Can I mow yet?

No, we can't mow yet cause its snowing!

P.S Shadow wanted it clarified that she is only a barker when she is alone and doesn't bark at Hef.

P.P.S Hef wanted everyone to know he does give Shadow a grunt and smack on the snout when he invades his cuddling time!


bunnygirl said...

Wow, Hef is all ready to go! He's much more ambitious than my husband, who simply pays someone to mow our yard, even though we do have a mower.

FrecklesandDeb said...

Looks like Hef has done a bang up job getting that mower in shape (or at least supervising the action!) Snow, snow, go away! Doesn't the sky know it's almost Easter???

We suggest just eating the candy and saving the egg hunt for a nicer day!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Hef, you are as mow-nuts as Bunny Lady! She LOVES to mow. Her mower is red but she wants a John Deere.

Hide the eggs where the mower is ....

ps .. if you mow tall grass or weeds, go check first for bunny nests. We know a guy mowed right over one. Fortunately we saved all the bunns!