Monday, April 27, 2009

Garden Time

YES! Iam finally going to do it! Its time to till the soil and plant my seeds! I will take plenty of pictures and share them tommorrow. I'm going to head to the garden now but I wanted to share a story that happened before we had internet here. Its ment to cheer up Rabbit's Guy.
This happened on oh March 15th I believe. Hef's dad decided he could trim Shadow's nails, despite his extreme lack of experience and Shadow being a black dog has black nails. Now I trim Hef's nails and do a fine job of it. Hef's dad tried to trim Hef's nails once and got the quick so I am very against this idea to trim Shadows. Hef's dad decided to ignore me and went at it anyway. Well the second nail in he cuts the quick. It was about 8 o clock at night on a Sunday. We had no kwikstop so Hef's dad is pressing papertowels to her paw and I am sent to the corner store. Of course they do not have kwikstop or a styptic pencil (why have those gone out of fashion?) so I buy gauze and cotton balls. I also got a dog toy and ice cream but no treat for Hef's dad. Back at Buntryside the gauze does not work and seems to make the bleeding worse. We call the vet they basically say let her bleed it out if we don't have kwikstop. So I am sent back out to the grocery store further up the island. They don't have anything better. Its about 10pm now. I go back home. Hef's dad is saying we need the kwikstop. Of course the only place I can think of to get it is Wal-Mart because they are open 24/7 but they are also a half hour drive. I refused to leave the island this late. We had to shut poor Shadow in the bathroom all night (It wasn't that cruel it was the big grotto jack&jill bath). She had an accident in there and fussed all night. She healed overnight but my goodness neither one of us is ever trimming her nails again.


Rabbits' Guy said...

Horrible story .. poor everybody! Glad it ended well. Chico licked all the clotting stuff and everything off as soon as we put him down .. it seemed to have worked very fast .. and he is fine. I suspect I'll keep on clipping. I'll just look a lot closer at his.

Hef looks great in the big back yard!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, what a night for everyone! Glad to hear Shadow's fine now :) I hit the quick once when trimming a puppy's nail, and nope, we didn't have kwikstop on hand either. Luckily, only about 2 drops of blood came out before the nail stopped bleeding!