Friday, September 12, 2008

Think Bunny

I think thats enough of a message for a blog, but I do have more to say. This weekend is going to be different then the usual weekend. Usually I go to Hef's dads' and play with him and Hef, but this weekend it is almost my birthday! So tomorrow I am going to miniature golf (if the weather allows) and lunch at Anderson's. They are a very good roast beef place with very good pickles. I enjoy pickles like some people enjoy wines. Has to be crunchy and flavorful, oh yeah and not neon yellow. This is the bad pickle the evil string vinegar pickle. EVIL! I take my pickles seriously and Hef's dad will ask me at restaraunts if they have a good pickle or a bad pickle. My favorite home pickle is claussen's. They are special pickles, must be kept in the fridge pickles. Seriously they mean it. Hef's grandma took them out once and they got mushy, thats points off! There is nothing like Anderson's roast beef with cheese sauce some fries with vinegar and a pickle! They have the cutes paper pouches with a picture of a pickle with a hat and a sweater on it and it says cool cuke, thats because real pickles are cold and not cooked!
I also enjoy the Pickle potato chips, I had fried pickles long ago and did not like them. I hope to try the pickle pringles soon. OK I got sidetracked there, oh well. I wonder if we have any pickles...

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