Monday, September 29, 2008

Hef shares his adventures as a house bunny!

Ok last week I got to try out being a house bunny. I loved it! So much time with Mommy and a lot to explore!
This is Mommy's bed, she likes pink a lot but Mommy's a girl so its okay. I like Mommy's bed a lot, and sometimes I hide under the covers but a lot of times Mommy will take the sheets off because I do have my carrots and sometimes spray the bed. I admit it, see Mom, I told them! Mommy said I had to share ALL the details about being a house bunny or I couldn't blog. In the rest of the house I use my pan or a shoe box but I have a pillow and sheet weakness.

Here I am on Mommy's desk. Isn't it cool? I have to look over the bunny blogs of course.

I also like to cozy up under the shelf, while Mommy does the human computer stuff, just in case there is bunny news.

And this is the cool plant Grandma has in the living room. Its tasty and if you eat from the top its even tastier and its green.

Now DAD needs to buy a HOUSE for me to be the house bunny in. I'm ready!


Rabbits' Guy said...

Aw Hef you are a cute bunny and no where near as much trouble as that Boogey in Baton Rouge!

Good luck getting a house of your own.

Anonymous said...

You are a perfect house bunny!! Except for the spraying, but hey.. that's really not your fault. Blame it on the hormones ;)

Hope your dad buys you a house soon!!

FrecklesandDeb said...

You seem like the perfect little gentleman house bun! Isn't it fun to find your favorite spots in the house?