Monday, September 22, 2008


Well there is so much excitement at The Bunny Lounge we are trying hard not to binky and write our blog.
First Hef got a cool (empty) box of Bunweiser from his dad on Saturday! He loves it, I made Hef's dad keep it in his room so Hef can play again. We started calling it his Bundominium, lol. Then on Sunday we went to an open house that was kind of dumpy, bummer! Oh but wait, Hef's dad had a backup plan. Right around the corner was another house. Hef's dad asked the realtor if she could show us that after the open house was over. She did and Hef's dad LOVED IT! So do I!
It has a pink bedroom with hardwood floors. Guess what that is going to be? THE BUNNY LOUNGE! Hef's going to have his own room and maybe a girlfriend? I'm so excited. Look at it, its so cute! AND joy of joys, its by the beach, love the beach, maybe I'll get married on that beach! I have been in such a good mood today its lovely and I got so excited about the house I forgot the other awesome news! HEF IS HERE! He is staying with me until Thursday because my mom is out of town! He's currently behind the couch but I saw him relaxing in the bathroom. I made a beautiful roast today as well as clean my room and do laundry. We are supposed to go back to look again on Sunday

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Rabbits' Guy said...

Every bunn should have it so good ...

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